Provider Roles

The Executive Director (ED):

Dr. Apple drives the more global service needs for your child and family. She directly supervises all Clinical Supervisors through individual and group trainings/support. Each treatment plan is reviewed by Dr. Apple prior to submission to ensure for the best quality of care. Once per month, Dr. Apple meets individually with your Clinical Supervisor to discuss progress, successes and any issues. As needed, Dr. Apple conducts home visits or requests clinic visits for your child to monitor progress and give direct feedback. Additionally Dr. Apple participates in student IEP meetings and any other pivotal meetings and issues determined to be necessary by the team and/or family. Dr. Apple maintains an “open door” policy to all A.P.P.L.E. families – she is available for direct family contact at any time.

The Clinical Supervisor (CS):

The Clinical Supervisor (CS), a master's level provider with a BCBA, directly consults with your child's direct services team. The CS, in consultation with the Executive Director, directs the initial assessment process and assessment update, writes treatment plans, and prepares individualized programs for your child. On a regular basis, the CS conducts supervision sessions (present with the Behavior Technician/Program Manager) to monitor progress and provide direct feedback in order to facilitate success/change. The CS also attends critical meetings (IEP/school meetings, etc) as needed. In order to facilitate the “wrap around” approach to services, the CS is the direct liaison with other providers who work with your child (e.g. school, OT, SLP) as applicable. The CS also produces families with forms”outlining strategies/skills for families to work in conjunction with programming and for the purposes of generalization.

The Program Manager (PM)*:

The Program Manager, a pre-master's level or master's level provider provides regular support of the direct intervention services your child receives and its ongoing development. The Program Manager makes needed modifications to ongoing programs through the provision of direct intervention . As a result of each direct intervention session, the Program Manager provides information for the team to review regarding strategies/changes. The Program Manager assists the CS in program development as needed.

*The Program Manager is not a required component to a service team.

The Behavior Technician:

The Behavior Techniciant provides direct intervention for your child as often as 2-3 times per week or as needed by the family. The Behavior Technician prepares, updates and maintains curriculum notebooks, including documenting modifications and graphing programming data.