Payments and Invoices

Invoice Frequency:

Invoices are delivered twice monthly typically by:

  • the 17th (for services 1-15th of month)
  • the 5th (for services 16th—month end)

Payment Due Date:

Payments for services (unless otherwise arranged) are due upon receipt (credit card on file) unless otherwise arranged.

  • Insurance: Insurance will be billed on your behalf. You are responsible for any charges not covered by insurance .

    Late Payments: **

    • Fees: Balances more than 30 days past due will be subject to a late fee of $15. Late fees will accrue at rate of $15 for each successive month past due.
    • 60-90 days past due: Balances 60 - 90 days or more past due are subject to disruption in services until arrangements for payment are made.
    • 120 days past due: Balances more than 120 days past due are subject to be sent to collections if arrangements not made for payment.
    ** If there are circumstances that make it difficult to make payments on time, please contact us to arrange a payment plan to avoid late fees and service disruption.

    NSF Fees:

    A fee of $25 is assessed for all returned checks.