Payment Options

1. Pay by Check via Mail

You may pay by check via mail. Please make your check out to: APPLE Consulting, LLC. Also place the invoice number and your child's name on the check. Mail your checks to: 1240 116th Ave NE Suite 102 Bellevue, WA 98004 NSF Checks will be charged $25.00

2. Pay by "Online" Bill Pay Option Through Your Bank

Most banks now offer the convenience of online bill pay. You would just need to add "APPLE Consulting, LLC" to your list of online "payees." It will ask for our address (1240 116th Ave NE Suite 102 Bellevue, WA 98004) and may also ask for account number. Please place your chid's name in that box. You should be all set to pay online then, and your checks will be sent by your bank straight to us!

3. Payment Through PayPal

We offer the convenience of payment through "Buy Now" button below. There is a 3% convenience charge that needs to be added to your bill each time you choose this option. For example, if your charge is $1000, you would type in $1030 to add in your convenience charge. In the description area of the PayPal screen, please write invoice number and child's name.